Ayni is a quechua word that describes an intimate relationship with life. It translates more or less to exchange of energy. But with the understanding that with all things there must be a proper exchange in order to be in right relationship with life. For many westerners this translates to money. But ayni is a way of being. It means offering to a plant before you harvest, it means singing a song to the water before you drink it. But ayni is more of a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of seeing.

It honors life as a sacred relationship. That when you take you give, and when you give be open to receive.

I remember once a quechua elder said to me as I began to expand in my healing work. He said now you are calling on the earth more, asking her to help more, so you must give more. He said he could see I was out of harmony, that I was not in the practice of Ayni.

With this medicine work, we practice Ayni in multiple ways. In terms of the financial aspects, we make sure everyone who supports a retreat is paid fairly for their work. When we are working with grandmother or grandfather healers, we take very good care of them, and make sure they are honored in the best ways possible.

We regularly invest in reforestation projects in replanting ayahuasca and chacruna, and medicinal garden projects. As well as grassroot projects that directly work to protect the amazon.
We prefer to invest in grassroots projects, as we have found that there is much less administration and funds that go directly into helping projects creation actualize.

We are also allies and supporters of the NGO Alianza Arkana, as long time friends as well as inspirational visionaries that respect indigenous tradition. They are working to support the wisdom of the shipibo peoples in a beautiful way. A portion of each retreat done in Peru goes to Alianza Arkana.

You can read more about the amazing work of Alianza Arkana here.


Co-creating Healing Together

We are so grateful for all the amazing people who are offering amazing work around the world. Below is a list of allies who we deeply support. From Centres, healers, coaches, and visionary artists who are aligned with our dreaming in of a better world.

If you feel a connection with us and would like to collaborate and support one another, then please be in touch.

In a world that is so highly focused on competitive ways of being, we want to encourage cooperation and collaboration as much as possible.

Community Allies

Original Instructions
Original InstructionsSchool of Traditional Medicine & Practical Skills
Retreat Guru

A countless number of generations ago Human Beings were given original instructions by the Great Spirit for how to exist as humans in harmony with the Earth and our purpose here. Now, more than ever before, most of us have ceased to live our daily lives in a way that follows the Original Instructions. Because of this, sickness and confusion are ruling over humanity.

As you learn with us you will have the opportunity to receive hands-on training with our Original Instruction teachers as well as receive knowledge from medicine elders in person at our Original Instructions practicum weeks. These exclusive week long retreats will be hosted at various nature based locations around the world and will give our students the chance to put their theoretical knowledge to practice while having an unforgettable experience.


Integrated Man
Integrated ManNLP Practitioner & Coach Certification trainings

Integrated Man establishes the connections between healing in the spirit realm and the critical supportive work that is required around these transformative experiences. Combining a series of processes that are particularly beneficial in clearing obstructions before and grounding in the powerful learnings after working with Ayahuasca and other entheogens. In addition, this approach lends to healing the entire system as a single unit while supporting integration with the physical body and in nutrition.

Plant medicines in their ability to teach, heal and expand the human spirit is profound. However, often we find drinking these powerful medicines alone is not enough to facilitate lasting transformation..why? Integration is a critical element in medicine work to create profound shifts. Integrated Man provides the most comprehensive opportunity for retreat participants to engage in full holistic, conscious and intentional integration from start to finish, during the retreat and beyond.