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Eagle & Condor

Cultural Healing

There is an old story that has been shared around fires within communities up in north america. And it is the story of the Eagle and the condor. There are many different understandings of this prophecy and many different versions…. but this is a story shared by an elder around tipis, fires and laughter and children, and its a story that rings true.

The story goes on to share that there were two brothers, the eagle and the condor. They would share the same sky, both being able to fly higher than most.

But eagle got very curious, and he thought, and he wondered what was past the horizon. He was so very curious, and so following his curiosity, he flew very high, higher than he ever flew before, He was outside of his sky, and became lost, unable to find his way back to his terrain, as he almost was trapped in another world.

He began to call out for help, and in his heart he hoped desperately someone would come and help him find his way back home again.

Sure enough, his brother condor came though the flight was long and hard, he loved his brother, and he paid attention to where he was going, flew with intention and the love in his heart guided them both back to their sky. Because eagle was so curious and pushed the boundaries, both were able to fly higher and fly new terrains they never had before.

And because condors love was so strong, the love penetrated their way home.

The prophecy of the eagle and condor talk about the southern and northern nations gathering. Many elders and say that the eagle and the condor represent the masculine and Feminine. That the eagle represents the mind, the intellect and the masculine. While the condor represents the Heart, the intuition, and the Feminine. We are currently in a state of consciousness on the planet that is driven by the mind and intellect and as many prophecies are sharing, the feminine is awakening in all of us. This is beyond gender, as the feminine is within all men and women. And in order to reach the next phase of awareness, and radical change that needs to happen on the planet, the two need to fly within the same sky. The eagle and the condor.

The prophecy does not necessarily mean the peoples of north and south, though many see and feel there is truth to this as well. But regardless it speaks of two ways of being, that need to come into harmony, so we can all come home into our selves.

So as we pray for vision and wholeness in this healing work. It is by no coincidence that the condor is the guardian spirit that is worshiped throughout the sacred valley where we host the majority of our retreats among the mountain ranges full of magic and stories.

As all prophecies there is mystery woven through and there is so much to unpack that we may not understand. But this our prayer at Medicine Weavings, to inspire all women to realize that they are the weavers weaving the dream. For people to hear the teachings. To sit in ceremony, to do the deep and beautiful powerful work that ayahuasca is, and open up into the great potential that we all are, understanding the the healing on this earth begins with us.

As the hopi prophecies state.

We are the ones that we have been waiting for.