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Women’s Emerging Roles in a Time of Transformation

There is a tribe in the Amazon called the Swa.

A traditional society in the sense that work is divided by gender. Women take care of food preparation, the home, and the children. Their roles are to support the family, nurture love and connection and also keep the balance.

The men take the roles that are more aggressive in nature, Of hunting and killing animals for food and cutting down trees for building their homes and structures.

There is an understanding between the men and the women that the feminine and masculine have different roles, each respected and honoured and it is understood that the role of the women is to say “STOP” !

When they have seen that the community has enough, and that too many trees have been cut down, they say STOP, this is enough. When they see that they have enough meat and they see that too much is being taken from the land. The women say STOP. When they see that violence and disconnect takes place they say “ Stop”

And the Swa ask when they enter into the modern cities of today.
Where are the women?
Why are the women not saying “stop’?
And why are the men not listening ?

This story is a story of our times. It is not only about men and women. But we have lived for far too long without listening to the voice of the feminine. The divine feminine is an energy that is present within all humanity, but as we know was suppressed within all of us.

It has been suppressed within both men and women. It is our intuitive, connective, emotional and creative and inner knowing. It is the voice of the heart.

And though the change needs to happen within all of us as men and women, after so many centuries of suppression, the prophecies around the world call women as the leaders and visionaries of our new world.

Coming and offering oneself up to do Medicine work, peels away the layers and connects us to our hearts true nature so we can see things that much more clearly. It is important to recognize that we all need to come into spaces where the fire inside of us can be fed and nourished our spirit restored, so healing can actually happen.

Ceremonial work is becoming crucially important for these times that we are living in, as it is birthing a new form and new way of being in the world, with our hearts versus our heads leading our way. And we believe Women are the future visionaries, dreamers and healers of our times.