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Our Facilitators

All of our facilitators are highly skilled and trained in this level of work and have a deep relationship with the plants and traditional forms of Shipibo shamanism. We are deeply committed to helping support the individual journey and healing that take place in retreat through highly skilled facilitators.

Meet the Facilitators

Love & Support
Athena Guzman Poole
Athena Guzman PooleMedicine Weavings
Retreat Guru

Athena began working with Ayahuasca in 2009, and over the last 7 years, has been dieting and studying fairly intensely with a traditional lineage, spending months at a time in retreat in traditional dieta.  She brings so much experience and love to the table for those who want to dive deep onto their path.

Having experienced such profound transformation working with the Plants and the Medicine Ayahuasca, she is inspired to create opportunities where others may explore this beautiful work. Athena has been studying traditional forms of medicine, healing and shamanism for the last 9 years, and has been blessed to sit with many different elders, wisdom carriers and medicine people.

She currently runs earth elemental healing, a Healing and body work practice that has supported many people on their life journey. She also facilitates classes, workshops, rituals, trainings, ceremonies and women’s mystery work. She is the mother of two beautiful children, an aspiring Herbalist, Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Doula.

A global mut, Born in Greece, and raised in the Philippine islands. Her father indigenous Venezuelan, and her mother South African,  She carries a deep love for the Earth and its wisdom in all she does, and is deeply devoted to the healing and evolution of humanity.

Drake RenoFacilitator

I have devoted my life for over 15 years to helping people create results, maximize performance and discover solutions to challenges in life and in business. My unique approach draws from a broad range of methodologies including holistic education and training, success building multiple companies and years of intensive study with plant medicines and Shipibo Shaman in Peru.


Jeremy Sills
Jeremy SillsFacilitator
Retreat Guru

Jeremy Allan Michael Sills, is a gifted Musician with a B.A. in music from Carleton University, & 20 years of training and exploring the healing power of sound. Having trained with Barclay MacMillan, Joy Gardner, Norma Gentile, Tom Kenyon, and others. For the past 6 years he has been working with the plant medicine Ayahuasca, and studying one of the most ancient forms of sound healing, working with healers in the art of Traditional Shipibo Medicine rooted in the Amazon Jungle. Throughout the year, Jeremy offers sound healing meditations, Lunar Vocal Toning Sessions, Kirtan Circles, and private house concerts. His sessions weave a deep tapestry of a powerful vibration and frequency, with the intention of awareness, transformation and healing for all involved.

A trained multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy’s cast includes crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, eclectic vocals, overtoning, gongs, drums, flutes, guitars & piano. He also teaches music as well as sound healing work shops throughout the year within Canada Nationally and Internationally. He currently lives with his beautiful wife and two children for much of the year in the Sacred Valley of Peru.


Meet the Integration Team

Pre & Post Retreat Care
Marnita De La Tierra
Marnita De La TierraAyahuasca Integration

For over a decade, Marni has been studying and practising the teachings of various healing and wisdom traditions. The original foundations of her healing journey were laid in traditional yoga and meditation, Advaitya Vedanta (non-duality) and Tantra, and later expanded to the counselling methodologies of attitudinal healing & trans-personal psychology, as well as more shamanic practices and shadow work.

Since 2010 she has immersed herself in working with Ayahuasca, both as a participant and as a facilitator. She has supported and guided hundreds of ceremonies and individual processes over the years, including pre and post-ceremony work. But perhaps most importantly, she has walked this journey in her own life and has a long history of first-hand experience with the unique process that Ayahuasca catalyzes.

Marco Vinicio
Marco VinicioIntegration Coach

Marco Vinicio was raised in Mexico. He lived in Thailand and India for several years practising and studying Meditation & Spirituality through Yoga & Buddhism.

When he came back to the West, life brought to him the realization that part of his path to grow and better serve others would be to help people incorporate Psychology with Spirituality as a way to grow in a more wholesome and profound way.

Marco is currently finishing his Masters degree in Spiritual Counselling and has his own YouTube channel where we explores Spirituality, Psychology and things that fascinates him.


In service to the heart of the Divine Feminine

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