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Women Centered Healing

Something Truly Sacred

Medicine weavers is deeply devoted and inspired to support womens healing on an individual and planetary level.  For women, by women. Restoring lost feminine practices, and wisdom that naturally unfolds in a ceremonial space.

Through our evolution as human beings, women always gathered. And throughout cultures around the world, the practice of women journeying into the heart of retreat to grow, nourish, heal, let go and remember, has been a part of our history/herstory for before it was written.

Through the years of working with women in ceremony, women always say the same thing. That they were able to reach new levels of surrender and trust and transformation in sitting in women only circles that they would not have been able to do otherwise.

“There is something truly sacred that occurs when women gather with intention. There is a power that emerges in the circle of the sisterhood, and we believe that we are in times where this power is now needed more than ever.”

Sitting in women only circles also allows a certain safety and support to take place. For women who have experienced sexual abuse or violence from men. Sitting in a circle of women can allow a different vulnerability and healing take place.

As medicine work can trigger old memories and what we know about trauma now is that one needs to feel safe in order for that trauma to be processed and released.

We have found that a beautiful natural web of support always emerges. As women build friendships and connections that are rooted in ceremony and spirit.

Working with women healers allows for subconscious power dynamics to not play out in the same way as they can often play out. Which is why we work with incredible grandmothers who carry a wisdom that embodies the beauty and medicine for these times.