• Healing is Needed

  • Put ones Life in Perspective

  • Evolve

  • Journey to our Hearts


With Great Love & Respect

The state of the world is in a major state of imbalance. In times where atrocities are happening across the globe where profit is placed as the ultimate goal, destroying our beautiful planet, and peoples. The state of the world at large has become very unwell, and healing is needed now more than ever.

There are many people who feel deeply overwhelmed and impacted by the current state of affairs and do not know what to do.

Modernization has been creeping into communities all over the world and languages and cultures are being lost every day.

And as we evolve and modernize there is something that is inside of us that still craves the wisdom of our past and knows it is needed to move forward.

No one can deny that change is needed and We believe that change begins with ourselves. Ayahuasca is an incredible medicine for these times. It has the ability to put ones life in perspective to the whole.

That the healing on the planet will only happen when we begin to go inside and take the time to heal the parts of ourselves that need attention and care. With great love and respect as our guides forward us on the journey to our hearts.