Authentic Indigenous Tradition

The Shipibo are a tribe who live in the amazon basin. Most of the healers we work with live in the region of the Ucayali Amazon river, just outside of the city of Pucallpa. Due to the Amazon’s incredibly difficult terrain, the Shipibo protected their communities from full colonization. This has allowed for an incredible complex shamanic medical system to remain intact.

The Shipibo as a tribe are fisher people who lived along the Amazon river. Their beautiful cosmology and world view evolved in a deep relating to the spirits of the plants as helpers and guardians. With the vast pharmacopoeia that exists in the jungle, countless remedies have surfaced from the Amazon basin. Truly it is a vast source of information and knowledge before us.

The Shipibo-Conibo live in the 21st century while keeping one foot in the past, spanning millennia in the Amazonian rain forest. With an estimated population of over 20,000, the Shipibo-Conibo represent approximately 8% of the indigenous registered population.

The culture is truly in transition, as modernization spreads rapidly in cities such as Pucallpa and Iquitos.

Many of the Maestros & Maestras grew up in times where there was no such thing as transfer of money. Things were organized via barter or trade and the people lived off the land. And the plants in this way were true allies and healers that were deeply depended on.

Life has vastly changed for this tribe.

When you ask many Shipibo how they discovered these remedies, the answer is always the same. “the plants told us.”

The cosmology of the Shipibo is extremely intricate. With various spirits who come and help with specifics ailments. The plants in which they work with alongside Ayahuasca have physical, emotional and mental elements.

For example: Bobainsana, also sometimes referred to as the “weeping plant” is a wonderful plant tonic that is used to clean out your emotional system. People will often experience many tears throughout dieting this plant. It is considered a masterful benevolent spirit here to help clear away all that is not serving.

The Shipibo healers work alongside the plant spirits who are the ones who actually do the doctoring. It is a true blessing to sit among a culture so rooted in tradition and ceremony and are guardians to these beautiful ancient practices.