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The divine feminine is not male or female. It has nothing to do with gender. It is a consciousness and energy that is moving through our planet right now. This energetic is a doorway and key into a more balanced way of life on our planet.

The earth is in a major transition right now and this feminine light is moving through human consciousness with new solutions and ways of being to bring healing.

Medicine work by nature is very feminine in its practice. One enters into a dark room, and rebirths oneself into new patterning and inner transformation.

Coming and offering oneself up to do Medicine work, peels away the layers and connects us to our hearts true nature so we can see things that much more clearly. It is important to recognize that we all need to come into spaces where the fire inside of us can be fed and nourished our spirit restored, so healing can actually happen.

Ceremonial work is becoming crucially important for these times that we are living in, as it is birthing a new form and new way of being in the world, with our hearts versus our heads leading our way. And we believe Women are the future visionaries, dreamers and healers of our times.