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Our Vision

For Women by Women

Our vision is to offer authentic Ayahuasca retreats for women by women. Working alongside masterful Shipibo and indigenous Grandmother healers, and Traditional Medicine work. Medicine Weavings is a weaving between worlds and cultures, rooted in a vision of a more whole world.

Creating spaces where people can reconnect with the earth as a living and breathing being and be brought into the heart of connection with one another and all of life.

We are at time on the planet where the divine feminine is emerging and many prophecies say that it will be women who will be the leaders of our new world. And so we bear witness with great love and respect to all those who feel called to come and sit in the sacred and ancient plant medicine ceremonies.

Medicine Weavings was birthed from a vision deep in the Amazon jungle after months in the process of retreat. In the vision the women began to rise, one by one, touching the earth with their light.

With love in our hearts for this medicine, we feel so blessed to offer spaces where women can come and sit in the sacred sisterhood and take the time aside to heal, let go, be nourished and reminded of the light that lives deep inside our beings.

In the Spirit of the prophecy of the eagle and the condor coming together within one sky, Our vision is to also create cross cultural bridges for wisdom keepers to come and share teachings and medicines and ceremonies. Which is why we have aligned with various northern and southern indigenous wisdom keepers, and invite them to come and share teaching during our retreats. Allowing Spaces where different wisdom traditions can come together in the prayers for healing.

In a world that is in a state of undeniable imbalance, we must begin the transformation from the inside out with love as the pendulum that guides us forward.

Our vision is to offer authentic Ayahuasca retreats for women by women. To create a cross cultural bridge for wisdom keepers to come and share their teachings, medicines & ceremonies. To create a safe & nurturing space for women to do their healing.