One of the major criticisms that has come up for many with Ayahuasca work is the integration process. Many people experience alongside their healing a deep unraveling. As people dive into the shadow work, the buried memories, patterns and choices that have created a sense of identity are often brought into the question:

Ok and what is next? How do i move forward now? What does this look like outside of Peru?

We have set up a system of support that is available for post retreat solution focused coaching. We work alongside 3 highly skilled, nurturing, and loving coaches.

As well as trained psychotherapists that are available for those who especially feel the need to move through difficult memories or feelings that may come up post retreat.

All of whom have a beautiful and deep relationship with Ayahuasca and have experienced first hand the journey before and after.

Checking in with participants 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months later.

With the option for participants to register for more of course if they find the integration coaching helpful and supportive.

Alongside with a group created via email and fb for community support and connection.

We have found many friendships evolve within retreat and we encourage people to stay connected in all the ways they can.

The modern world can be so very isolating and community connection is a crucial element of this healing. We cant do this alone. Nor do we have to.