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Wisdom of the Divine

Medicine Weavings is a prayer for these times. It is a weaving between the cultures of spirit, providing safe spaces for women to come and work with the plant medicine Ayahuasca and various indigenous wisdom carriers. It was created out of a vision, guided by the wisdom of the divine feminine, that as the hearts of women heal, so does the heart of our planet.

Women Focused Healing:

We focus on Ayahuasca women’s retreats and ceremonies, holding the vision that as women come together to heal, there is a ripple effect that moves through our world. We believe that the key to peace on this planet, as the dalai lama quotes, is in the emerging role of the women. Our retreats are run by women, for women and are beautiful empowering spaces that invoke wholeness, healing, and power in the body, mind and spirit.

Decades of experience:

We Only work with extremely well trained traditional Curandera grandmother Shipibo healers, with proven track records. Some of whom have been studying from the age of 12 years old.

Intimate small retreats:

We focus on small groups, intimacy and connection. We cap our retreat participants at 15, which allows a certain depth and safety. With two facilitators and 1-2 grandmothers in ceremonies, as well as helpful staff, this provides the support needed for this type of work.

Trained facilitators:

All our facilitators at Medicine Weavings are studied in the practice of traditional plant dietas, and have very deep relationships and understanding of the traditions and serve as a helpful bridge between participants and the concepts of shamanic healthcare.

Mindfulness and Food:

All food that is served is healthy, gluten free, with vegan and vegetarian options for every meal. But what is more is our chefs are loving beings who prepare food mindfully with love and prayer. Many participants find the food itself a healing aspect of retreat. With a focus on simple vegetable rich diet, participants very often experience many health benefits and will continue on post retreat with certain aspects of the aya diet. All meat sourced during retreat such as fish or chicken is organic.

Honour the traditions: We honour all the indigenous peoples traditional teachings and wisdom in whom we work with, and work in culturally sensitive and respectful ways to contribute to supporting the sharing of knowledge and teachings.

Focus on integration: With so many people drinking ayahuasca and engaging in plant ceremonies, we have noticed that many people find integration the most difficult part of the practice itself. Which is why we at Medicine Weavings have a deep focus on integration practices during retreats, as well as available counsellors, coaches, and psychologists who are available for follow up therapy and connection who understand the workings and unfoldings that happen when working with ayahuasca.